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Modi Public School is known for imparting the best knowledge in the city of Kota. We nurture the children with great care and love for the holistic development of the child. The children are given to us as a bag of seeds and we nurture them into the fruit bearing plants by giving them our best.

Looking into present day life style and for the need and convenience of the parents. Modi Public School has come up with a new concept of Day Boarding for the comfort of the students as well as parents where the child can stay in the school for a longer time. Firstly let us discuss why there is a need of Day Boarding

1.To provide scope for a wholesome curriculum by spending longer hours at school.

2. Younger children are not burdened with carrying heavy School bags to end from the school.

3. All academic work can be completed during school hours thus enabling the child to add variety to his learning by being an active part of the homely environment.

4. To provide each learner with required tools in a captivating embience for the purpose of finding the creative genius within.

5. To spot the sporting skill early, this deserves all nourishment at an appropriate time.

6. To develop good eating habits.

7. An oasis for nuclear families with working parents.

Modi Day Boarding school fulfils all the above made commitments for the growth and upbringing for the children in the best manner and a support to the parents for the all round development.

Modi Day Boarding School provides opportunity to the children to complete their academic work during the school hours. This facilitates a child to only spend time on activities which are enriching. A child is not burdened with carrying heavy bags daily to school as his/her books are kept in an independent locker within the school. Another point where a Day Boarding School vastly differ from other school is that the Student- Teacher ratio is kept within manageable limits. So that even the shy, withdrawn and diffident students feel encouraged to clarify his/her doubts add interact with the teacher. This enables each teacher to reach out and help a child understand the curriculum, enjoy learning and allied activities during the School hours. Therefore, there are no back benchers.

The School also provides opportunity to the child to develop good eating habits-avoid fussing on food and learn to enjoy well cooked, nutritious and a balanced diet provided by the school. Learning to share, developing manners is an incidental learning pattern that occur by itself. It is with this view that the school provides them with meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and juice from automated kitchen. Disintegration of the joint family system , increasing competition, economic liberalization leave nuclear families with no other option but to let the child spend long hours after school with nannies drivers or in ill-equipped crèches. The chances of children watching undesirable programmes on television or surfing an internet site which is not intended for them are great.

Therefore the long day school is of paramount importance so the child is under the supervision of responsible and committed teachers.

Modi Public School is a blessing for working parents so that the child is under the supervision of understanding, caring and committed teachers. We firmly believe that a parent’s job is to give the time to the child, to share love and inculcate the moral values which are so essential for the development of the child

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