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School Rules For Fee

Tuition fees will be charged monthly (Total Six installments)and it is to be paid latest by 15th of assigned month. Fine of Rs. 50 will be charged on the late payment after the due date. The fees for the following months will be acceptable only with late fee for the previous fees slip. The Bank will not accept deposit of the fees after 15th of that particular month in any case.
1. Tuition fee of twelve months will be charged in four installments for class X (July, Sept, Nov and Jan)
2. Name of defaulter not paying fee consecutive for two installments will automatically be struck off the strength and will be re-admitted only after paying outstanding fees plus Rs. 150/ as Re-Admission Charges
3. Fee is to be deposited with the Bank of Baroda branch located in the school campus only.
4. When the fees are to be deposited for two installments collectively at a time either as dues for the previous months or in advance for ensuring months it should be deposited through one slip only instead of depositing different slips.
5. Transfer certificate (T.C) will not be issued without having cleared the school dues upto that month in which T.C is taken.
6. One month’s tuition fee will be exempted if fee for the entire year is paid in one lump sum by 31st July upto to class X
7. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
8. There will be nominal increase in school fees and other miscellaneous charges every year, depending on the needs of the Institution.
9. Original Fee Receipt should be preserved carefully for the purpose of income tax rebate or reimbursement will not be made.

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